We Need a Brand-New Law on Hazardous Walking

If we seriously plan to take on the real estate issue (Society, 6 September), the federal government must select a minister of real estate, preparation, and city government who has complete cabinet status and would be accountable for all real estate matters, both public and personal. The primary job would be to arrange the building of great deals on homes, consisting of council homes to lease.

John Hartley.

Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria

– Reading the report of the 20-year-old guy who owned his automobile into a house (4 September) strengthens the conclusions of the Institute of Advanced Motoring report which reveals that “8% of motorists are over 70, yet they are associated with around 4% of injury crashes. On the other hand, the 15% of chauffeurs who remain in their teenagers and 20s are associated with 34% of injury crashes”. In the interests of roadway security, females must be enabled to obtain a license at 18 and males at 24.

Jane Lawson

– I entire heartedly concur with Judi Dench that a healthy sex life must not be overlooked by octogenarians (Report, 5 September). I’m a widow, almost 78, and through Guardian’s Soulmates have found a brand-new hot me.

Jude Mcgowan

– In Preston, the 4 strikers shot dead by soldiers of the 72nd Highlanders throughout the 1842 Plug Plot riots are celebrated by a tableau motivated by Goya’s painting The Third of May 1808 (Letters, 2 September). The memorial was put up by Preston trades council and the Labor History Group, together with the district and county councils as a tip of the battle of the employees to protect their democratic rights. The surrounding bar in the previous Corn Exchange was relabeled 1842 in 2015. Here is complete guide for marketing law firms.

Austen Lynch
Garstang, Lancashire

– So, bicyclists might deal with prosecution for harmful biking (Letters, 6 September). Fair enough, so long as pedestrians can be had up for harmful roaming.

Peter Forster

– Bob Hughes’ question about a 4th Forth bridge (Letters, 5 September) evokes the football rating that sports commentators fear: East Fife 4: Forfar 5.